Visitas Albarracín
  • Conjunto Amantes+Albarracín. Espacios y Tesoros
  • Visitas para Grupos
  • Information Center

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    Proceeds from ticket sales support heritage preservation

    Albaracín + Teruel Tour

    • Pack Amantes + Albarracín, Espacios y Tesoros

    Considerable discounts

    Show your ticket for one of these visits (Amantes or Albarracín, Places and Treasures) to benefit from a discount when purchasing your ticket for the other tour. Keep your ticket and be seduced.


    • Group tours

    Special prices

    Our Information Centre offers very special prices for group guided tours to both Albarracín and Teruel. We adapt ourselves to your travel and accommodation bookings. Please contact us for further information.



    If you wish to receive further information about group tours (agencies, organizations or companies, associations), please contact the Foundation Information Centre directly on (+34) 978 704 035 or send an email or the request form available on this web page.