Arquitectura popular Albarracín

Casa de la Julianeta Residence / Workshop

It is undoubtedly the epitome of traditional architecture in Albarracín. In this small plaster and wooden house, with its surprising building irregularities, the distinguishing features of traditional buildings of Albarracín have been preserved. La Julianeta is unquestionably one of the main landmarks of the old town.

Casa de la Julianeta” is also a wonderful example of restoration of traditional architecture. The original layout has been recovered whenever possible, given the irregular shape of the house, with small superimposed rooms connected to each other by means of a complex system of stairways. In addition to accommodation purposes, nowadays it is also used as a workshop. Two small studios -or a larger one if necessary- with matching workshops have been built after the restoration.

  • Lounge – dining room

  • Room and bathroom

  • Individual kitchen

  • Separate workshop